Monday, December 17, 2012

Virtual Tycoon for Entropia Universe is a incredibly useful tool available on Android's marketplace.  I get almost everything I need as a crafter to play entropia on the go.  With construction interface, storage interface, and auction interface; common tasks that used to take a few minutes now get done in seconds. 
I set up a crafting run before I drive for the fun of it, then while I drive my phone is busily crafting away in entropia.  There are a few problems with download and startup times.  Also some problems with changing power hooks and crossing in and out of wi-fi zones.  But when it works it is great.  Virtual Tycoon lets me take maximum advantage of time I have during the day and night to play entropia in a meaningful way.  By doubling (for me) the number of devices I have to play entropia  I can play even more than before and have other things to do on the spare device (such as read blogs (AxeMurderer) and forum posts).  The freedom to play anywhere anytime increases entropia's utility to me double fold and more.  So if a player wants to take crafting seriously, Virtual Tycoon is THE tool to do crafting with. 

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