Saturday, July 17, 2010

Entropia Universe and particularly Planet Calypso. I have been a resident for years. The sweat trade is a boondoggle. Sweating can bring it at most currently (7/17/10), $0.65 to $0.70 per hour. This is barely minimum wage in any country other than the poorest. The trick is to not sell to resellers. Leave the mining to others and the force nexus needed is bought at auction for $1.00 per 1000. With 1000 sweat gathered over 1 hour to 1 hour and half combine the two for $0.10 for 100,000 mind essence that can be sold for $1.60. Subtract out costs of force nexus, a $1.00 and cost of refining, $0.10. Then sweat acquired through the hard work of sweating for zero cost basis other than time. And get a $0.50 to $0.55 profit.

To further goose returns mine your own force nexus and spend around $10 to get back $7-$8 in force nexus and other raw materials. $7 worth of force nexus is 7000 force nexus with 7000 sweat can be combined for 100 mind essence per 1 force nexus or 700,000 mind essence. 7000 sweat over 6 hours is very doable. 700,000 mind essence can then be sold for tt value of $7 and markup value of 160% for $7 times 1.6 or $11.20. This is a profit of $1.20 or $0.20 per hour (6)of sweating and mining. By just buying force nexus pay 109% and collect all the money back for $11 spent (10,000 force nexus), 6 hours of sweat gathered, and 1,000,000 mind essence generated. Sell mind essence for $16 sale price. Subtract out costs of $10 force nexus, $0.10 refining costs for $11 rounded costs and $5 of profit. Then it's $0.83 per hour versus the $0.20 previously. A simple transaction obscured by numerous and repeated understatements of what's involved.

This $0.20 to $0.83 per hour is no where close to minimum wage in most countries. In fact the fears of chinese or other country gold farmers are overblown as the profits are so slight not even Grameen bank would lend to someone doing this work. But considering it is a game after all the return is attractive and doubtless will draw more players in to experience the success that is Entropia Universe.
I have been going over some web marketing strategies and tactics. To open up my content (writing and ideas) to wider audiences I ough to build an email list. From the first subscriber through the 40,000th subscriber goal I hope to enlighten, entertain, and help solve problems for them and me.
I read a telling paragraph in Internet Riches book by Scott Fox. The section has a home constructin/repair website example of a business person with 40,000 subscribers to his email list. That list and the website, support a 90-acre property, a family and one full-time email answering employee. The ad revenue being key to revenue. I got to the point of how much revenue and profit is needed to meet the goals of support?
Take a profit of a conservative $400,000 a year. Divide by 1 million website hits per month for 12 million hits in a year. Take 30% of revenue is website hits or $120,000 a year. That values each website visitor at $0.01 per visitor. Then the email list of 40,000 generates $280,000 a year for $7 per email subscriber. No products sold (other than ads) and no services (other than ads). Run entirely off ads with relevant content on the site and in the ads. What does this mean as a baseline for other topics and interests?
How many hits would it take to reach your goal. Say my goal is $1,000 a month. 30% of it or $300 comes from website visitors at $0.01 per visitor. I need 30,000 visitors a month for that portion. Then the email list portion can generate $700 a month. How m any subscriberes are needed? Round out conservatively that the revenue per email subscriber is $4. My topics are not as keyword expensive as home construction/remodeling is. In a base case I need 175 subscribers. The $4 into $700. Such a list seems imminently doable and begins with one sign-up at a time.
Creating a content and ad-only website seems a daunting task at first with few clues to profitability other than testimonials. It can be done. If I did not believe it will not happen. If I do believe it can happen. There are many successful publishers of content on the internet. By techcrunchies some 2,000,000 who make a living at blogs. I don't think there are anywhere close to that many topics to go on about yet people do.
When the stars align, gravity is in balance. A life in balance can achieve the high-wire act of ethical sales and truthful, fair, wealth generation.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Went about the day as a father. First to church for a good sermon on candies for dads and horse racing. All I remember anyway. That and how fragile everyone is, and the Lord God is the only one who is strong beyond human frailty. Then on to fall-off-the-bones ribs, lots of friends and family and a nap. Then a spirited discussion on franchises. Then to check out a new pool and some interesting jasper/agate. The pink stones however were spray-painted. The jasper/agate was awesome and a surprising find. To find further stones to treat and dress up I did get ahold of some 100% silicone and am planning on some experiments with them. I also want to do some more heat experiments and a tumbling run. Perhaps the next week will bring more successes.

Forex eur/usd is moving nicely about. Well-behaved patterns and a drop of the dice. Is it still a pattern? Can it be taught? Does my system provide profit in markets besides eur/usd? Do the 12 or so rules really cover most or all of what's needed to succeed? Find out tomorrow-when at tomorrow-place and be enlightened before frustration sets in. I find it hard to reveal truths of finance without prepared minds to receive the truths. Into the trading void I go again. salut.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I am in the process of puzzling out RSS feeds, blogs, and article submission sites. I believe that I can start submitting articles to top article sites and actually get some more traffic and more connections with people on my interests and theirs. Wealth, health, happiness, and fairness with truth are still my guiding principles.

The summary of the article is how to evaluate the ebay marketplace and come up with creative ideas of what gems and minerals to focus on and which are best to add value to. For those looking for more I am in the process of starting a website where my best ideas and most creative applications of gems and a lot of other knowledges can be purchased. For now the creatures winding out of my brain remain in this blog and potential articles.

Knowing what article can go where on which website first, then to pick a category, is a key. The door opened there is that I or you could read the top 10 articles, see what they have in common, then include an article with the common elements but guiding the reader into my own special knowledge or viewpoint. Like price discovery in markets, idea discovery of my own and others' minds.

Then the process of monetizing as it is so crudely put but necessarily so. Language is a most powerful tool. By giving a name, just a word to what so many want but have no words to get them that thing they want. Money simply greases the wheels for EVERY other endeavour. The word 'monetizing' brings the desired results for legions of writers. The money makes not only the world go round but the flow of knowledge, opinion, and facts go round.

Enough for today's thoughts. Perhaps tomorrow's will be more fruitfully insightful, creating more wealth, health, and happiness in the pursuit of truth and fairness.

Monday, June 7, 2010

On my journey through the invisible I wondered how many deal in the invisible? Some 20 million who read regularly according to Tech Crunchies. 1.7 million of whom actuallyl can make money at it. This fit in with my estimates of 270 million people in the USA, the majority with access online, then take out the youngest and oldest, -60 million, leaving 210 million. Now 70% of those don't read, let alone write past an 8th grade level, leaving 63 million reading consumers/writers. Of those most, 80% are consumers of reading and not writers. Coming up with 500 words or more per day is a tall order for the remaining 10% or some 6 million. Like most free services the quality is an issue as well as the accuracy. The wealth-building comes from websites and targeted ads. Maybe some affiliate sign-ups and the invisible shows up visibly in the bank account, where it counts. What a road to travel. And the passengers on this voyage know not from where they came and to where they go.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

working to complete actions

Again, sourcing rears its head to say, 'hey, why aren't you connecting? why aren't you convincing people the idea is good, the people will help, and there is money to be made?' I have taken and completed many steps which have lead to choosing and still testing adequate tools for on the cheap jewelry making. The sourcing problem has taken backseat as I puzzle out how to get nice, attractive, pretty stones to set and sell. I am working with more common available stones like granite and feldspar.

I have found some rather rough healing stones of feldspar. They speak of an ancient city on a plain that collapsed under its own technology millenia ago. The healing forces are still present in the left-over stone.

I had it set after watching some youtube videos that I could get stones that would be worthy. Then I used it again to see how to work and shape the stones once I had some stones from yards in the area, with permissions (critically important). After perusing ebay for great selling works I know what I have to do. Finding the tools to do it without spending a fortune is the key to my current tries.

So as I found out about a tool, I acquired it. Like so many hands-on activities having the right tool is important. I first tried the Dremel. The Dremel 1/16th drill bit does a hack job on shells splitting them before a hole is made. The layer between the outside of the shell and final cavity lining is where the shell breaks, fractures, and is rendered worthless by the drill. So my solution to that was, use a smaller drill bit. So after yet another trip to the discount merchandiser (I get most of my junk from there), I have the proper sized drill bits. Ah but I get the bits home, go to put them in the dremel and this dremel piece called the collet is too large. Back to the store. And no collets unless I want 49 or more other accessories with it. So the project to drill holes in shells is on hold. Now for engraving shells I have the piece from Dremel and have successfully engraved some shells.

(post picture)

So my original plan to shape stones got sidetracked. But while looking for Dremel parts I put together from going down the tool aisle for the 6th time in a day (2 more at other hardware stores) that a jigsaw with metal cutting or diamond edged blades will do the job of rough shaping the stone.

I did get a hacksaw with metal cutting blades pack and proceeded to saw for an hour on a piece of smoky quartz-infused granite, held by a vice. After only penetrating the stone to a quarter inch, after 45 minutes of sawing, I gave up seeking something that would work right now. Not tomorrow and certainly not when I next happen to be in the store.

As a business plan note there are maybe 10,000 people in the USA who know how and what to cut into gemstones and jewelry. The numbers of bead makers are millions but stones, less so. I base the 10,000 figure off views of stone cutting on youtube. There could be 10,000 more in the USA but they are supplying a $17 billion industry here in the states. Sure, some are imports, but no more than 50%. That leaves $1.7 billion to split among some 20,000 lapidarists or $85,000 per year apiece. Apply Robert Allen's 'Multiple Streams of Income' to it and the figure can go higher, much higher.

Another idea for stone cutting is diamond flat blades for pre-shaping or simply cutting off the bulk of the stone that will fracture and send pieces flying if not done carefully. The blades are from country music playing, farming, and horse supply store. The jigsaw from a discount mass merchandiser. For another week or month I save the work to do with the heavy duty though really still basic tools.

I counted the number of tools I used today, 8, just to find out what can and could be done. The path to a four hour workweek is laborious at first but should quickly get much better.

Now the hacksaw work and running back and forth to the tool store has tired me though I feel invigourated at the same time now that I have tried and failed maybe 40 times (I count every attempt around family, not the right tool, failed to shape, cut, grind, or fracture stone or shells) to get this project going. The dreamline awaits fulfillment. The vision is in sight.

Monday, May 31, 2010

writing tools

I have included with this post a simple picture of a written structure. By referring back to the picture in reading a writing I can more easily comprehend and bring together my thoughts. When words are colorful and fastly written, fastly read they come to more life. Motion overcomes inertia. Action overcomes lethargy. Money makes it all better when life is better. Money makes it all worse when life is worse. Without truth, fairness, and giving; wealth is as far as Mars and as close as the backyard. (or a chart)
The spill in the Gulf is being set up as a rally cry of the Green Revolution. Which is admirable. But why don't they do something that really matters, like microvitamins and minerals to third world children (and adults!). There are many other concerns that stretch beyond oil, energy, and global warming. Granted an oil mess is troublesome but it is not like the whole world will be covered in oil from this one well. The world may be small but is certainly bigger than the spill size sized to our 22 inch to 60 inch hdtvs. Ah images, the points of mass communication. The personal spirit of a blog can at least provide some mind real estate and touch the emotions. It takes a ton of education to change an ounce of perception in some cases. Oil, gambling, and what's funny among the many.
Found a source of 1000+ geodes today and some interesting geology. Can I keep a secret? When it comes to sourcing, you bet. It is to be guarded like a dog guards his bone. Like hired security guards guard flea market vendors. (wth?) Like NASA guards the existence of alien life.
However what can be shared are specific ideas with commonly available materials. Mica stones rough wrapped in wire strung into amulets and medallions. Larger quartz crystal conglomerates turned into more amulets and medallions. Shaped into common symbols even better though more time consuming for the DIY crafter. There is a world of opportunity and creativity there just waiting for me to tap and succeed.

gambling nonsense

Saw two people playing scratch-offs at the cafe today. Oftentimes it is the same people with serious scratch off addictions. They come from most walks of life in this area. Usually older (25+) and just as hopeful as when they first played. The lottery was supposed to bring tons of money for education in NC yet the budgets got cut. Granted they fired teaching assistants, not degreed teachers but heh, the less staff, the more stress, the poorer performance of teacher, then student.
Those doldrums are mireful and lacking. People's gambling addictions are surprising and prevalent. And the ones I see are the only ones to make their play public. Many spend time busily scratching in their cars. Not a day passes I am out and about at a convenience store that someone is not playing or buying or cashing a lottery, scratch-off ticket. That the gov't sponsors this form of 50%+ house edge over other forms with 5% of less edges. Each still ends up with all the money. Just a question of how much entertainment you're buying. As usual the gov't offers a raw deal with significantly less entertainment. Give me a break.
Business opporunities (not mlm) would be better served. Seems no one wants to rock that boat as they are involved, have previously been involved, or know someone who is. Real business opportunities that sell something besides hope, could really flourish with ineffciencies and regulations of government removed. Enough of this, on to the rocks!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

the first day

signed up. got accounts sorted. now i have a blog, what to do? what to write about?
When I get my old blogs transferred or somehow integrated I can begin my various interests and systems to lead my way to wealth, truth, fairness, and happiness. All in the name of helping myself and others. A manifesto, a direction, a piece of art to make the human qualities of kindness, acceptance and wealth diffuse and global. All acting locally.