Monday, May 31, 2010

writing tools

I have included with this post a simple picture of a written structure. By referring back to the picture in reading a writing I can more easily comprehend and bring together my thoughts. When words are colorful and fastly written, fastly read they come to more life. Motion overcomes inertia. Action overcomes lethargy. Money makes it all better when life is better. Money makes it all worse when life is worse. Without truth, fairness, and giving; wealth is as far as Mars and as close as the backyard. (or a chart)
The spill in the Gulf is being set up as a rally cry of the Green Revolution. Which is admirable. But why don't they do something that really matters, like microvitamins and minerals to third world children (and adults!). There are many other concerns that stretch beyond oil, energy, and global warming. Granted an oil mess is troublesome but it is not like the whole world will be covered in oil from this one well. The world may be small but is certainly bigger than the spill size sized to our 22 inch to 60 inch hdtvs. Ah images, the points of mass communication. The personal spirit of a blog can at least provide some mind real estate and touch the emotions. It takes a ton of education to change an ounce of perception in some cases. Oil, gambling, and what's funny among the many.
Found a source of 1000+ geodes today and some interesting geology. Can I keep a secret? When it comes to sourcing, you bet. It is to be guarded like a dog guards his bone. Like hired security guards guard flea market vendors. (wth?) Like NASA guards the existence of alien life.
However what can be shared are specific ideas with commonly available materials. Mica stones rough wrapped in wire strung into amulets and medallions. Larger quartz crystal conglomerates turned into more amulets and medallions. Shaped into common symbols even better though more time consuming for the DIY crafter. There is a world of opportunity and creativity there just waiting for me to tap and succeed.

gambling nonsense

Saw two people playing scratch-offs at the cafe today. Oftentimes it is the same people with serious scratch off addictions. They come from most walks of life in this area. Usually older (25+) and just as hopeful as when they first played. The lottery was supposed to bring tons of money for education in NC yet the budgets got cut. Granted they fired teaching assistants, not degreed teachers but heh, the less staff, the more stress, the poorer performance of teacher, then student.
Those doldrums are mireful and lacking. People's gambling addictions are surprising and prevalent. And the ones I see are the only ones to make their play public. Many spend time busily scratching in their cars. Not a day passes I am out and about at a convenience store that someone is not playing or buying or cashing a lottery, scratch-off ticket. That the gov't sponsors this form of 50%+ house edge over other forms with 5% of less edges. Each still ends up with all the money. Just a question of how much entertainment you're buying. As usual the gov't offers a raw deal with significantly less entertainment. Give me a break.
Business opporunities (not mlm) would be better served. Seems no one wants to rock that boat as they are involved, have previously been involved, or know someone who is. Real business opportunities that sell something besides hope, could really flourish with ineffciencies and regulations of government removed. Enough of this, on to the rocks!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

the first day

signed up. got accounts sorted. now i have a blog, what to do? what to write about?
When I get my old blogs transferred or somehow integrated I can begin my various interests and systems to lead my way to wealth, truth, fairness, and happiness. All in the name of helping myself and others. A manifesto, a direction, a piece of art to make the human qualities of kindness, acceptance and wealth diffuse and global. All acting locally.