Wednesday, March 16, 2016

As  to methods there may be a  million and then some, but principles are  few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The quote above is from the writer of On Self-Reliance.  He wrote over 100 years ago but his words still ring true today.  I look at Entropia Universe through his lense and see that the trading we do every day all day in Entropia for success relies on principles.  One principle is markup, Markup is likely the most important principle of Entropia.  The principle is: 

Principle:  Have more markup coming in than you have going out.  

Make your investments there profitable and your avatar is profitable then you become profitable. 

 Now as for those who make the most of the platform or not.  

Principle:  There is enough money for everyone.
There is enough money for everyone is a principle I have been trying on for size to see if the principle is true,  The principle of money for everyone does seem true.  In fact I would assert 80% of the participants make money regularly.  Maybe not enough to withdraw $100 but above zero for sure.  There are many who have assets there that would go to the $100 withdraw mark.  The withdrawal speed at 2-3 months keeps a lot of the money of Entropia within the Universe.   With the rate of deposits that can come in daily and the rate of withdrawals that go out in 3 months there is a lot of time to make the most of what your avatar has there.  
The rate of deposits goes into how money is created and where it comes from.  Because of the real world tie/link/connection to Entropia the real world has unlimited money so Entropia has unlimited money.  However because the platform is a business there is accounting and other business concerns done to keep the whole platform going.  The business side of an avatar participant also contains losses so losses have to be dealt with.  I recommend that all avatars do accounting for their activities in the Universe to see the true picture of how they are really doing.  The accounting depends on goals of course because we participants exist in a large and diverse population.  The numbers are like x-rays that see what the eye cannot.

That the world has unlimited money seems far from reality but there is a another principle to consider.  Say you have a $1.  You trade that $1 for an item.  You then have an item and someone else has $1.  You valued the item more than you did the $1.  You then can trade that item to someone else for $1.10.  You have made $1.10 and no longer have the item.  Someone else valued your item more than they valued their $1.10.  Very quickly making profitable trades you can achieve any number of items and any number of $1's.  The dollar used is still the same dollar you started with but has been used at least 3 times creating $3 worth of value.  
There are losses on risked trades.  It happens and happens often.  Profits can come just as often.  Even more profits than losses.
There is a night and day difference between profit and loss.  The losses set the brakes on accumulation of the desired items and dollars. With enough profits, profitable trades and accounting to see where the profits come from, you can succeed with a business there. 
Using principles of business and investment and abundance the world opens up.  I speak as a participant who really cares about who's there and how we're doing.   

Have fun! Good luck. :)

Give me some comments so I can see where the concerns are.
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Virtual world real cash economy, VWRCE.   A virtual world, collectables, business and investment, game themed world,  Just what is entropia universe?  A MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) place to play, collect, and invest in a virtual world.  There are countless opportunities to interact with the virtual world itself and to trade and socialize with other avatars.  We have had to form our own communities and standards given the platform Mindark has given us,
There are many paradoxes to Mindark's Entropia Universe.  The world is free to play in but has the most expensive options to interact of any other MMO,  The massive multi-player aspect makes EU full of people.  Where there are people there will be trades.  So trade we do.  We trade the many kinds of loot we generate by practicing the professions of Hunting, Mining and Crafting.  Most items, collectables and investments are found and enter the world through the players' actions,  There are as many ways to trade as there are players to trade with.  We all have different goals and ways to interact with the virtual world environment.  As you find your way into our world and ways of doing things, be on your toes, adventure, explore, and find yourself.