Saturday, June 16, 2012

Playing entropia on calypso, again.  I turn on my computer.  Among the first things I pull up is the client.  without thinking I am nearly seamlessly in the world.  Check some auction prices and market activity.  Then after a few purchases and recording of sales, I craft.  For hours.  It's awesome.  The amounts of money that flow in the virtual landscape still amaze me.  And the money does flow to my bottom line with a lot of dips and highs along the way.  Past a certain level it is possible to have the downswings mean less as they are quickly recovered within a day or two.  Across the three (four sic sweating) professions; hunting, mining and crafting.  Favorable buyers and a good reputation are also some keys.  Be ye not afraid.  There is enough activity for all.

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