Sunday, June 20, 2010

Went about the day as a father. First to church for a good sermon on candies for dads and horse racing. All I remember anyway. That and how fragile everyone is, and the Lord God is the only one who is strong beyond human frailty. Then on to fall-off-the-bones ribs, lots of friends and family and a nap. Then a spirited discussion on franchises. Then to check out a new pool and some interesting jasper/agate. The pink stones however were spray-painted. The jasper/agate was awesome and a surprising find. To find further stones to treat and dress up I did get ahold of some 100% silicone and am planning on some experiments with them. I also want to do some more heat experiments and a tumbling run. Perhaps the next week will bring more successes.

Forex eur/usd is moving nicely about. Well-behaved patterns and a drop of the dice. Is it still a pattern? Can it be taught? Does my system provide profit in markets besides eur/usd? Do the 12 or so rules really cover most or all of what's needed to succeed? Find out tomorrow-when at tomorrow-place and be enlightened before frustration sets in. I find it hard to reveal truths of finance without prepared minds to receive the truths. Into the trading void I go again. salut.

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