Monday, June 7, 2010

On my journey through the invisible I wondered how many deal in the invisible? Some 20 million who read regularly according to Tech Crunchies. 1.7 million of whom actuallyl can make money at it. This fit in with my estimates of 270 million people in the USA, the majority with access online, then take out the youngest and oldest, -60 million, leaving 210 million. Now 70% of those don't read, let alone write past an 8th grade level, leaving 63 million reading consumers/writers. Of those most, 80% are consumers of reading and not writers. Coming up with 500 words or more per day is a tall order for the remaining 10% or some 6 million. Like most free services the quality is an issue as well as the accuracy. The wealth-building comes from websites and targeted ads. Maybe some affiliate sign-ups and the invisible shows up visibly in the bank account, where it counts. What a road to travel. And the passengers on this voyage know not from where they came and to where they go.

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