Friday, June 11, 2010

I am in the process of puzzling out RSS feeds, blogs, and article submission sites. I believe that I can start submitting articles to top article sites and actually get some more traffic and more connections with people on my interests and theirs. Wealth, health, happiness, and fairness with truth are still my guiding principles.

The summary of the article is how to evaluate the ebay marketplace and come up with creative ideas of what gems and minerals to focus on and which are best to add value to. For those looking for more I am in the process of starting a website where my best ideas and most creative applications of gems and a lot of other knowledges can be purchased. For now the creatures winding out of my brain remain in this blog and potential articles.

Knowing what article can go where on which website first, then to pick a category, is a key. The door opened there is that I or you could read the top 10 articles, see what they have in common, then include an article with the common elements but guiding the reader into my own special knowledge or viewpoint. Like price discovery in markets, idea discovery of my own and others' minds.

Then the process of monetizing as it is so crudely put but necessarily so. Language is a most powerful tool. By giving a name, just a word to what so many want but have no words to get them that thing they want. Money simply greases the wheels for EVERY other endeavour. The word 'monetizing' brings the desired results for legions of writers. The money makes not only the world go round but the flow of knowledge, opinion, and facts go round.

Enough for today's thoughts. Perhaps tomorrow's will be more fruitfully insightful, creating more wealth, health, and happiness in the pursuit of truth and fairness.

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