Thursday, January 15, 2015

new article outline and ideas
A how-to for people to evaluate and act on opportunities in Entropia Universe
that's it.
topics should include

1. budget, depending on goals? how much ped do you need to do what you want to do?
2. eco/level, how efficient are you at doing what you do in entropia?
3. markup, the fine line crossed that makes all the difference in a Real Cash Economy MMO.
          The difference between profit or an ever-sinking PED card.
          How much markup do YOU get for your goods?

Then on to the specific ways and means to play and profit in Entropia Universe.
All with an eye to evaluating your activities for opportunities.
I will attempt to tackle:

Cursory thoughts on the above are :
1. Sweating, for how long can you sweat and how much can you get for the sweat and sweat products?
2.  Mining, choices to make, time, and how much ped to spend?
3.  Hunting, mob choice, loot profiles, and returns?
4.  Crafting, blueprint choice, blueprint sales, and item sales?
5.  Trading, what to trade choices, highly liquid items, quick sales, suitable markup margins?

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