Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sweating in entropia experience

Sweating in entropia.  There are many planets to choose from. Calypso is my favorite and among the most populated.  I haven't been anywhere else because I'm so tied to Calypso.  Whether it was sweating at old swamp camp or old, old swamp camp, then new swamp camp, then on to Nea's Place, then on to the fert at Nea's Place, then to Limnadian District, a stop off near a castle and boars, then then punies around Port Atlantis, then after a year (and another 4 years before that) I was done with sweating. 
I still sweat out of habit sometimes.  There were days without thinking I logged in, I was already around sweatable creatures, and pressed the toggle auto-use button and sweated away.  I was hard-pressed to get in 3 hours of sweating a day and goal of 1000 sweat daily.  Though most of the time I reached it and many times exceeded it.  For more dedicated players more is possible.  Once the excitement of Calypso's markets and the scope and beauty of the planet made its mark on me, I calmed down, and proceeded to make my way. 
The journey is tremendous.  Nowhere else in the world provides entropia's opportunity and rates of return for such a low cost.  Even when the ped balance reads 0.00 there are ways to raise it by bootstrapping, something I do not have the patience for.  There is still time for a new player to make it solely on sweat.  A Herculean task, in my opinion, for I have tried and succeeded on some level.  Depositing however amplified my strategy and saved me time. 
Time is the most important commodity there is.  Everyone gets the same amount.  And money can be traded for time.  If not for the tradeoff between time and money there would be no markets.  Skills in your avatar are usually the return of all the sweating and money spent.  And those skills acquired represent more than money.  They represent time. 
Choose your time wisely in Calypso if you are sweating.  Choose your time even more carefully when you are depositing.  May your times in Calypso and the other planets bring, success, wealth, and happiness. Good luck and maybe I'll see you there.

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